About the Speakers

A little about the speakers who have been invited by the Liturgy Commission for the upcoming series of talks.

Sr. Dr. Maria Cecilia Pia Manelli, FI. PhD

Sr. M. Cecilia Manelli born in Rome in 1973, entered the Religious Institute, the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in 1991.

Continuing her musical studies, she graduated with honours in her piano (1994), organ and organ composition (1997) from the Music Conservatory of Frosinone and Benevento, Italy. She studied under Maesttro Elio Solimini and Maestro Luigi Sacco. A few years later, she further studied and obtained a degree in Music Composition from the Benevento Music Conservatory and subsequently, under the guidance of Professor Nino Albarosa, Sister M. Cecilia obtained her
Doctorate in Gregorian Chant from the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome.

She has performed in concerts in various parts of the world, Italy, London, Philippines, America, and Austria, ­as a solist (organ and piano) as well as in collaboration with others (piano, violin, clarinet, and chorale recitals ). Since 1994, she has been directing the polyphonic choir ” Corale dell’Immacolata” of the friars and sisters of the Franciscans of the Immaculate and have produced many of their recordings. The choir has a repertoire ranging from chants to different epochs and musical styles, such as the Byzantine Liturgy, Bach, German Chorals , Perosi, Bartolucci etc. and in
different languages.

She has taught and given various courses in Gregorian music in Italy and abroad. One example being the famous Abbacy of Solesmes, for their 100th year Anniversary of the Foundation of their Monastery in 2001.

She has had a number of successful religious vocal and instrumental compositions published in Italy, and has written articles for various periodicals such as the Studi Gregoriani, Annales Franciscani, Immaculata Mediatrix, with special focus on Roman liturgy and the Franciscan and Marian aspects of liturgy.


Sr. Maria Cristiana Khoo, FI.

Sr. M. Cristiana Khoo, born in Singapore in 1980, entered the Religious Institute, the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate in 2004.

Prior to this she had graduated from the University of Bristol, UK, with a BEng as a Mechanical Engineer, and a obtained her Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, London, UK. She was an SCGS girl in Singapore.

She worked for A*STAR Singapore, for over a year before receiving her calling to the religious life.

In 2008 Sr. Cristiana was appointed Vice Postulant Mistress and one­year later, Vicar of the Convent, where her duties involved forming newly­entered girls to the religious life, teaching Italian and administrating the daily affairs of the convent.

Sr. Cristiana plays the organ and has sung in various choirs, ( popular music, church, Gregorian and Palestrina ) since the age of 7 years old.

From 2011 she was made Mother Superior of the Convent at Trieste, Italy where the sisters are mainly involved with liturgical animation (organ playing and singing) and various duties in a prominent Marian Sanctuary.


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